September 14, 2019

Financial Express

GST shortfall: Compensation to states may continue till FY 25

A final decision, of course, will be taken by the GST Council, with which the Commission will converse at the former’s Goa meeting on September 20.

August 24, 2019

Hindustan Times

Arun Jaitley: A diamond who shall live on forever

Arun Jaitley was with you in your moments of joy but, more importantly, in your moments of grief.

April 26, 2019

The Hindu

There should be a mechanism by which GST Council and Finance Commission can coordinate: N.K. Singh

The Fifteenth Finance Commission is up against unprecedented challenges. First, the Goods and Services Tax has introduced an element of uncertainty in the revenue projections of the Union and State governments. More importantly, the Terms of Reference notified for the Commission have stoked controversy so sharp that even the Fourteenth Finance Commission, Chairman Y. V. Reddy, has said that it signals a shift in the balance of power away from States and in favour of the Central government and an attempt at increasing centralisation. The Fifteenth Financial Commission Chairman, N. K. Singh, discusses these and other emerging fiscal federal issues with senior journalist, Puja Mehra.